I have ovarian cancer

Finding information that is right for you

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You have probably come to these pages as you or someone you know has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. These pages are designed to help you access the information you need,  from coping with a new diagnosis - when it can be hard to take in information and make decisions, discovering what choices you do have, to getting through treatments or dealing with recurring ovarian cancer, we hope you will find these pages positive and helpful.

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What happens next?

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Our guide for women who have been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Back here again

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Our guide for women who are having treatment for ovarian cancer again.

Looking After Me

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Our guide for women living with terminal ovarian cancer

I've just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Materials include coming to terms with the news, finding out information at your own pace, and deciding what part you want to play in your treatment choices

I'm undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer

Advice and tips include coping with side effects, making the best of good days,  and not being too hard on yourself- taking things at the right pace for you.

My ovarian cancer has come back

This section has information on treatment options and clinical trials, and gives hope on how for some women the condition can be stabilised over long periods of time.

Our support courses and materials

Find out more about the courses we run around the UK, and the materials we have, all available free of charge.

Other sources of support

From support group meetings, talking with someone over the phone, to just watching/listening or reading about the experiences of other women like you there are a range of possibilities.

If chemotherapy is no longer possible or wanted

Find out how palliative care can be managed.

Our series called 'Ask the Expert'

You told us you'd like more hints and tips from experts and others who have faced the same, when it comes to a range of topics away from the strictly medical.  Click here to see the latest questions to and answers from our range of experts.