Target Ovarian Cancer's Medical Research Programme

  • We're proud to present a short film highlighting a landmark clinical study we are funding at the University of Cambridge as part of our ongoing medical research programme. The study looks into the missing evidence of what works best for counselling women and their families who are discovered to have the BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutation. More information about the study.

  • The University of Nottingham receives vital funding for ovarian cancer research. A research project looking at developing new drugs to target both drug resistant and BRCA 1 and 2 gene mutation ovarian cancers has been funded by Target Ovarian Cancer. The project is led by Dr Srinivasan Madhusudan at the University of Nottingham and is part of a high profile collaboration with medicinal chemists from the National Institute of Health, USA (Dr David M Wilson III, Dr David Maloney) and the University of Newcastle–upon-Tyne, (Professor Nicola Curtin). Read more about the story and  Dr Simon Newman's blog explaining the science.
  • Did you know only 7% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year are recruited into clinical trials looking to find new treatments for ovarian cancer?  To find out more about clinical trials recruitment, how they benefit all those taking part and what Target Ovarian Cancer are doing to increase participation see our Clinical Trials Manifesto.
  • I am pleased to announce we are partnering Marie Curie in a major initiative they are undertaking to help set the future research priorities for palliative and end of life care to ensure better treatment, care and support for patients, carers and families in the future.  More information can be found out about the project here and if you wish to contribute to the project please complete the survey to make your research priorities known. 
  • Target Ovarian Cancer’s Translational Award, Supportive & Palliative Award and the Joint MRC Fellowship are currently closed for applications. We plan to open a new round in late 2014. For more details of our review process please visit our 'How we award a grant' pages which includes a feature on our innovative Research Advocates who play a key role in the lay review of all applications.
  • For details of the important research we already fund please see here

If you have any questions about our research please contact our Head of Research, Dr Simon Newman.




Applying for funding

Information on our translational and supportive & palliative awards, includes our 'golden rules' for applicants and how to apply pages.

What we fund

Information on why we fund medical research, our Research Strategy and Current Awards.  

How we award a grant

We have developed a rigorous, AMRC approved, grants review process. This involves peer review, our Scientific Advisory Board and importantly lay review by our Research Advocates

Research policies

Our policies on the use of animals in medical research and open access publishing.

Pathfinder study

Find out about our Pathfinder Study which maps the experience of those living or working with ovarian cancer.