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A Target Ovarian Cancer booklet with a pair of glasses on top and a phone next to it in a pink case

RaNGO: Rare neoplasms of gynaecological origin

Gynaecological cancer patients are all managed within 34 Cancer Centres located across the UK. These centres are only likely to see 1–5 new patients per year with rare gynaecological cancers. The low numbers of these cancers means that no single doctor or centre in the UK (or internationally) can hope to gain sufficient experience to be able to con…

Lab equipment used in ovarian cancer research

ROCkeTS: A study looking at refining ovarian cancer test accuracy scores

The aims of the trial are to: help diagnose ovarian cancer earlier when treatment is likely to work better help identify which women need further investigations for possible ovarian cancer and reduce unnecessary tests, hospital visits and distress in women who do not have ovarian cancer try to develop a blood test that is more specific an…

Pipettes in a lab being used for ovarian cancer research

SIGNPOST: Systematic genetic testing for personalised ovarian cancer therapy

Genetic testing in ovarian cancer patients is now being implemented across the NHS and offers genetic testing to patients diagnosed with certain types of cancer affecting the ovary, fallopian tube or peritoneum. It's hoped that by doing this, patients across the NHS will have even better treatments and that in some families, cancers will be prevent…