Email your elected representatives

Find out how to email your elected representatives to call on them to act on ovarian cancer.

As a constituent, you can email your elected representatives about issues you’re passionate about and concerns you have. This is an effective way of getting their attention and calling on them to act.

First of all, you'll need to find out who your elected representatives are and their email address. Then decide on what you'd like to contact them about. Is there a particular issue facing women with ovarian cancer that you feel most passionately about? You could write to your elected representatives calling for an ovarian cancer symptoms awareness campaign, faster diagnosis or better support services. Here are some tips when writing your email: 

  • Make it personal – try to make your email as powerful and compelling as you can. You can do this by sharing a personal story if you feel comfortable in doing so. 
  • Be persistent – if you’re not happy with the initial response you receive, consider meeting with them to discuss the issue. 
  • Explain what you want them to do – elected representative like actions to take forward so try and propose some. If you don’t know, just be honest as they could suggest their own ideas. 

We’ve created a template email for you to contact your elected representatives. If you'd like to use this, get in touch:

What should I do next? 

Set up a virtual meeting. This is another important way to influence your elected representatives to act. 

Campaigning top tip – social media is a fantastic campaigning tool. It’s perfect for spreading the word and making sure more people get involved, increasing the chances that decision-makers will notice. Many politicians, including your own representatives, use social media to interact with the public.