Email your elected representatives

Find out how to email your elected representatives to call on them to act on ovarian cancer.

As a constituent, you can email your elected representatives about issues you’re passionate about and concerns you have. This is an effective way of getting their attention and calling on them to act.

Because of the pandemic, there was a sharp drop in cancer referrals made by GPs in every UK nation, causing worrying setbacks in early diagnosis. That’s why right now, we’re calling on representatives to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

We’ve created a template email for you to contact your elected representatives. You can edit the email, so try to make it more personal if you can. The more personal your email is, the greater impact it will have.

I live in England – Email your MP  

I live in Scotland – Email your MSP

I live in Northern Ireland – Email your MLA

I live in Wales – Email your MS

What should I do next? 

Set up a virtual meeting with them to discuss ovarian cancer. If you don’t receive a response, send a follow-up email asking for a reply.

To make sure as many elected representatives help to raise awareness as possible, please also ask your friends and family to get involved.

To do this, you can share the news that you’ve taken action on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram social media accounts. When you share, say why it’s important to you that more people take part and the impact they will have if they do too. If you don’t have social media, email the link to them or share via WhatsApp/text message.  

Campaigning top tip – social media is a fantastic campaigning tool. It’s perfect for spreading the word and making sure more people get involved, increasing the chances that decision-makers will notice. Many politicians, including your own representatives, use social media to interact with the public.