Find out what changes we're campaigning for to improve early diagnosis for women with ovarian cancer.

Time is running out: demand earlier diagnosis 

Alison, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer

When Alison first experienced symptoms of ovarian cancer, she knew something was wrong. An experienced nurse, she visited her GP and pushed for diagnostic tests. An ultrasound scan revealed a worrying mass, and after an operation Alison was diagnosed with stage I ovarian cancer. Thanks to her early diagnosis, Alison is still here to tell her story 18 years later: 

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 18 years ago. I’m here to tell my story because it was caught early. Together we need to make sure this is the case for everyone.

What are we campaigning for?

Shockingly, one in five women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are already too ill for treatment. We want to see a future where all women recognise the symptoms, get sent promptly for tests, and are diagnosed early.

What needs to change?

  • The postcode lottery must end. In some parts of the UK ovarian cancer survival rates are world-leading, we now need to extend this to the whole of the UK. We’re calling for government funded clinical audits of ovarian cancer to track progress in diagnosis and treatment and to identify areas where more can and should be done.
  • Women need to know the symptoms. Women need to be aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and feel empowered to go to their GP as soon as they notice something is wrong.
  • GPs need to understand ovarian cancer. GPs should be trained on the symptoms and diagnostic pathway to ensure that women are referred as quickly as possible.
  • The diagnostic pathway should be as short as possible. Ovarian cancer should be diagnosed or ruled out within 28 days. The pathway must be shortened, with a CA125 blood test and ultrasound carried out at the same time.

How can you get involved?

Over 14,000 of you have already added your name to our call to action demanding UK governments act to transform early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. To make sure our voices are heard by decision makers, it's vital that as many of us as possible get involved.

If you believe in a future where every woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer has the best possible chance of survival, add your name to the call to action now.

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