1 in 50 awareness challenge

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Find out how you can raise awareness and explore our resources for getting our messages out on different channels.

1 in 50 challenge

1 in 50 women will be diagnosed in their life. That's why we challenge you to tell 50 people about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. It's simple – and could save a life.

Together we can push for change and spread the word about ovarian cancer. 

Share symptoms information

Do you know the symptoms of ovarian cancer? Do your friends and family? Raise awareness among your community and order your materials.

An array of Target Ovarian Cancer fundraising and awareness materials, including a collection box, collection tin, balloon, pin badges, wristbands, leaflets and posters

Share symptoms information online

Share our symptoms infographics of ovarian cancer on Facebook [PDF], Twitter [PDF] and Instagram [PDF].

You can also follow us and share our updates from social media. Check out our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ovarian cancer symptoms infographic
Share our infographic on social media and help raise awareness