Events and training opportunities for nurses

Courses (including e-learning), events, study days and conferences for nurses with an interest in ovarian cancer.


Borderline ovarian tumours

Provider: Target Ovarian Cancer

Online, on demand.

Ms Nithya Ratnavelu, Consultant gynaecological oncologist, presents on the presentation and management of borderline ovarian tumours.

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Ovarian Cancer and intimacy

Provider: Target Ovarian Cancer

Online, on demand, and livestreamed into the Nurses' Network Facebook group 

Dr Angela Wright, Clinical Sexologist and BMS Accredited Menopause Specialist discusses the latest learnings in ovarian cancer and intimacy

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Genetics and targeted therapies in ovarian cancer.

Provider: Target Ovarian Cancer

Online, on demand

Dr Rowan Miller, Consultant Medical Oncologist specialising in gynae-oncology and early phase clinical trials at University College London and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals talks about “Genetics and Targeted Therapies in Ovarian Cancer”.

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E-learning modules

These modules can be accessed at any time, fitting in around busy work schedules.

Psychosexual care of women affected by gynaecological cancers

Provider: Cancer Institute of New South Wales (Australian resource)

This e-learning resource provides six modules containing learning activities and supporting materials to develop skills in providing effective individualised psychosexual care to women and their partners affected by gynaecological cancer. It presents information about sexuality, the psychosexual impact of cancer and its treatments, and knowledge and skills required by health professionals to assess and manage psychosexual sequelae. Access the module on the Cancer Institute of New South Wales website.

InDEPTH: Personalised care planning for people with cancer

Provider: Guy's Cancer Academy in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support

The purpose of this module is to guide you on conducting care and support planning consultations and completing care plans following holistic needs assessments (HNA) by people with cancer. Access the module at Guys Cancer academy.

Genomics Education Programme

Provider: Genomics Education Programme

Through the NHS Genomic Medicine Service (GMS) in England, more healthcare professionals than ever before will be able to access genomic testing for their patients for the first time. To prepare the workforce for these tests and the impact their results will have, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) has developed a series of resources and courses to aid those who will use the service. Access the resources through the GEP website.

Maximising sexual wellbeing

Provider: Ulster university

A free e-learning module to enhance the provision of sexual support to those affected by cancer. Access the course through the talking about sex website.


Principles of Gynaecological Cancer Care

Provider: the Royal Marsden School of Oncology

Various start dates available through the website

This module will develop your knowledge of treatment pathways and experiences of individuals with gynaecological cancer, supporting you to provide effective care to patients. Book your place through the Royal Marsden School of Oncology.

Managing challenging conversations virtually

Provider: the Royal Marsden School of Oncology

Open access course (can be started any time and completed within three months), online

This course focuses on delivering difficult conversations virtually. Book your place through the Royal Marsden School of Oncology.

Study days and conferences

These online and face-to-face events cover a range of cancer-related topics.

Various dates- Shine Cancer Support - supporting people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who are living with cancer

Provider: Shine Cancer Support

Location: Online

Shine Cancer Support run online workshops for people working with younger adults with cancer. Their 2 hour workshop provides an overview of the key needs of younger adults and provides information about useful services and support. 

Register for your place on the Shine Cancer Support website

20 March 2024-The Royal Marsden Gynaecological Cancer study day

Provider: The Royal Marsden

Location: London

The day will consolidate and build on your existing knowledge when caring for this complex group of women. The session will cover a wide variety of topics presented by some of the leading experts in their field. It will also be a great opportunity to share your experiences and ideas with colleagues from across the country.

This study day is aimed at medical, nursing and allied health care professionals who are involved in the care of individuals with gynaecological cancer

Register for your place on the Royal Marsden website

19 April 2024: Pelvic Exenteration Surgery for Gynaecological Malignancies: An interactive programme on current practice and future directions

Provider: The Royal Marsden

Location: London

The conference will highlight current practice, recent improvements and innovations in pelvic exenteration practice for recurrent gynaecological cancers.

Register for your place on the Royal Marsden website

10 September 2024: Demystifying the Science Behind Targeted Treatments and Immunotherapies for Gynaecological Cancers

Provider: The Royal Marsden

Location: London

The afternoon session provides an overview of the biology and genetics of ovarian, endometrial, cervical, vulval and vaginal cancers, the science behind various treatment approaches for these diseases, including relevant targeted therapies and immunotherapies and approaches in trials.

Register for your place on the Royal Marsden website

Other learning resources

  • Open-access journal ecancer provides the latest oncology news, opinion, videos, e-learning and research papers.
  • Macmillan's Learnzone provides free and easy access to a wide variety of learning resources, online courses and professional development tools.
  • Medscape (medical journal) offers health professionals medical information and educational tools. Features original, professional medical content, including review articles, journal commentary, expert columns, patient education articles and book reviews.
  • Touch Oncology offers continuous education of professionals from across the oncology community. This is an independent information resource comprising review articles, practice guidelines and case reports contributed by opinion leaders from a range of oncology-related disciplines.
  • Future Learn (Open University) connects learners from all over the globe with high-quality educators, and with each other. Offers a diverse selection of free courses. Courses are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop. Not specific to health care or cancer.
  • FONS (Foundation of Nursing Studies) are dedicated to working with nurses and health and social care teams to develop and share ways of improving practice. They enable healthcare professionals them to provide care that is high quality, evidence-based and meets the needs of those receiving care and their families.

Support events and courses for people affected by ovarian cancer

We offer free events and courses across the UK to support people affected by ovarian cancer.

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