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A team of people walking up a steep hill as part of the Chiltern Three Peaks Challenge
Every year a new challenge

Andy and his daughters have been fundraising since their wife and mother died of ovarian cancer. He talks about the different events they have chosen to do, and the challenges that each has brought…

Smear tests won't detect ovarian cancer

One in five women in the UK (22 per cent) mistakenly believes that a smear test (cervical screening) can detect ovarian cancer, according to research we carried out with YouGov.

Stephen skydiving for Target Ovarian Cancer
Raising awareness the fearless way

Stephen recently did a skydive in memory of his sister, who passed away earlier this year with ovarian cancer. He talks about his fundraising experience and why it was important to him to raise awareness along the way...

Jennifer and Lynsey running and waving during the Loch Ness marathon
A very ambitious New Year resolution

Jennifer and her friend Lynsey ran a unique marathon this September, around the infamous Loch Ness. She tells us all about their training, motivation and why they’ve fundraised in memory of Gillian.