Our research advocates

Find out how our research advocates work with us and how you could get involved.

We want people affected by ovarian cancer to shape our medical research programme.

Being a research advocate enables women with ovarian cancer and their friends and family to influence and promote ovarian cancer research. Research advocates can do this in several different ways by:

  • reviewing research grant applications
  • meeting our researchers
  • reviewing our research strategy regularly
  • supporting external requests for help, for example in the design of research studies
  • promoting the vital role of research
  • engaging in the work of other organisations, such as the National Cancer Research Institute and the National Institute for Health Research

Working alongside our expert Scientific Advisory Board, our 'lay reviewers' are instrumental in helping us allocate our medical research grants each year. They play an active role in ensuring the needs of people affected by ovarian cancer are heard by the research community.

If you're interested in becoming a research advocate, please email us: info@targetovariancancer.org.uk.