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From information events to wellbeing sessions, register for our digital events and we'll send you the details for how to join us online. We also stream some of our information events live on our private Facebook groups.

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    Living with fatigue watch-along

    Tuesday 26 January, 12-1pm

    Recorded by Mara Sheldon (Occupational Therapist)

    Fatigue is not just a question of feeling tired, but actually feeling exhausted most of the time. Watch this pre-recorded session alongside women with ovarian cancer, family and friends and learn about the impact fatigue can have. Mara shares coping strategies to help make the most of your energy during this challenging period.

    This session is free to join, but you'll need to register in advance. You'll be able to access the session in our Facebook group and on Zoom.

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    Weekly yoga and relaxation session for women with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer

    Every Wednesday, 2pm–3pm

    Yoga is a natural way to boost wellbeing as it helps you to relax, cope with stress and anxiety, and get some gentle exercise. Staying active can help with side effects such as fatigue and improve your emotional wellbeing, an important part of life for everyone affected by ovarian cancer.

    Our instructor has experience in leading sessions for people with cancer, so will guide you safely. You can do it seated or standing – whatever feels right for you.

    This session is free but you'll need to register in advance.

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