Topic: Newly diagnosed


Annie looking toward the camera wearing a green top, scarf and glasses with fields in the background - a woman with ovarian cancer who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Annie’s story

Annie found comfort and solace in our support line and shared her story for our BBC Lifeline Appeal.

Rose and her family
Rose's story

Mum of two, Rose, was diagnosed with low grade serous ovarian cancer this year after her surgeon became concerned during an emergency caesarean. She wants to share her experience to raise awareness of this rarer form of the disease.

A photo of Mags from October 2022 - the last day she had all her hair before it started to fall out as a result of chemo
Mags's story

Mags was diagnosed in 2022 and it was a huge shock for her and her family. Recently she has been told there is no evidence of disease and here she explains the challenges she has faced from diagnosis to now.