Target Ovarian Cancer Nurse Adviser, Val Lang, smiling while taking a call on our support line

Support line

Our support line is here for anyone affected by ovarian cancer – if you're worried about symptoms, if you have a diagnosis, or if you're a family member or a friend supporting someone living with ovarian cancer.

If you need more information on something specific, or just want to chat, our specialist nurses are here. 

They have a wealth of knowledge and experience covering all aspects of ovarian cancer and its treatment.

Contact our support line

We're open from 9am until 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed on bank holidays

  • Call us on 020 7923 5475
  • Fill in our contact form to get in touch over email or to request a call back 

Support line closure dates

The support line will be closed on Tuesday 21 June 2022 for a staff training day.

Why do people call us?

I picked up the phone to get reassurance. This was a chance to talk everything through with an expert, and it was so encouraging.


You can call us about anything to do with ovarian cancer. We're here to listen. Some reasons why people have contacted us in the past are: 

  • worries about ovarian cancer symptoms
  • visiting the GP and having tests
  • if they've just been diagnosed
  • questions about treatment including chemotherapy
  • emotional or mental wellbeing worries
  • technical questions about ovarian cancer drugs, surgery or clinical trials
  • even if they have no idea what they're looking for, and just want to talk – there are no bad questions

The information provided by the support line is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care. We would always advise you to check with your GP or your clinical team if you have any specific concerns about your condition or treatment. Please be aware we store information about people using the support line in line with our privacy notice.

We're only trained to provide advice on the symptoms, risk, diagnosis, treatment and management of ovarian cancer in the UK.