Information standards

Target Ovarian Cancer is committed to producing up-to-date and accurate information for people affected by ovarian cancer. 

  • We produce information resources that are useful for women living with ovarian cancer, their families, friends and healthcare professionals. We put women with ovarian cancer at the heart of our activities to ensure our work reflects their needs, by involving women, their friends and families, in every stage of our production process.
  • Our information is in line with accepted national and international guidelines.
  • Our publications undergo an expert peer review and are read by women with ovarian cancer to ensure that the language and tone is appropriate.
  • We aim to reflect a strong evidence base and consensus expert opinion in all our medical information, such as resources on treatment and symptoms. Where there is no consensus in expert opinion, we present a balanced view of the evidence available.
  • All our information is reviewed regularly to ensure it is still current and accurate. We aim to review information every year, with a view to revising it at least every three years. It may be revised sooner if there is an evidence change or development in treatment or national guidelines.
  • For references for any of our information, please email us:
  • We are happy to receive feedback on any of our information. All feedback is kept on file for consideration when the information is revised. We are grateful to the health professionals and lay reviewers who give their time to ensure that our information is of the highest quality. Please email us at if you have any feedback.

To access any of the references for the health information on this website, please contact us