Topic: Younger women


Amy, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Amy's story

It’s been four years since Amy shared her story with us, and despite 2023 being challenging, she wanted to share how she has continued to hold onto hope.

Charlotte and her husband trekking for Target Ovarian Cancer
Charlotte's story

GP Charlotte Badescu shares her story of being diagnosed with a rare type of ovarian cancer and how her experience has given her further insight into patient care and experiences.

A photo of Gemma smiling before her diagnosis
Gemma's story

After being diagnosed with womb cancer, Gemma received a separate diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Gemma praises her GP practice for helping her receive a correct diagnosis and encourages others to keep persisting.

A selfie of summer in a brown top smiling to the camera
Summer's story

Summer was diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer at 18 years old. She's sharing her story so that other people of a similar age don’t feel isolated and are encouraged to see their GP. 

A photo of Leanne with her face resting against her hands and smiling
Leanne's story

Leanne was my sister. She died just eight days after a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

A selfie of Kate with long hair front on to camera
Kate's story

If I had understood the symptoms of ovarian cancer a bit better, I may have gone to my GP, and I wouldn’t have been diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in A&E.

Claire smiling with a deckchair behind her
Claire’s Story

Diagnosed at the age of 32, Claire shares her experience as a younger woman with ovarian cancer.

Gillian - a woman with ovarian cancer who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Gillian’s story

Gillian shares how she persisted to receive her diagnosis and the importance of investing in life-saving research.