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Woman with ovarian cancer in a treatment room looking down as a nurse provides chemotherapy

ACTOv: A trial of adaptive chemotherapy in relapsed platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer

Researchers in this trial are looking to find out whether a new way of giving carboplatin chemotherapy (adaptive therapy "AT") is as safe as and more effective than the current standard way of giving carboplatin in women with advanced recurrent ovarian cancer. Recurrent ovarian cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy. The chemotherapy aims t…

ARTISTRY-7: A trial looking at the combination of the drugs Nemvaleukin and Pembrolizumab to treat platinum resistant ovarian cancer

This trial is for those with a diagnosis of advanced epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer that has become resistant to platinum-based therapy. It is an open label study, which means that both you and your doctor will know what treatment you are receiving. The researchers conducting the trial are testing a new treatmen…

A woman in a checkered jumper having chemotherapy

BOUQUET: A trial looking at the effects of different drugs in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer with various genetic changes

The researchers in this clinical trial want to test the safety and effectiveness of different type of anti-cancer treatments in patients with different genetic changes (biomarkers) in their cancer. The trial is for women with rarer types of ovarian cancer where standard chemotherapy drugs haven't worked. Many of the drugs used in this trial bel…

Three female researchers wearing lab coats looking at and pointing to information on a computer screen

EMBRACE: A study to collect information about inherited faulty cancer genes

This study collects information about people who have inherited faulty cancer genes. Inheriting a faulty gene means that a person is at a higher risk of developing certain cancers. A fault in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes means that a person is more likely to develop cancers of the breast, ovary or prostate. As well as the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, we n…

A nurse looking at a woman with ovarian cancer during treatment

KEYNOTE-B96: A trial looking at the effectiveness of pembrolizumab with paclitaxel in platinum resistant ovarian cancer

Researchers in this study are trying to find out if treating platinum resistant ovarian cancer with an immunotherapy drug called embrolizumab and the chemotherapy drug paclitaxel is better than just treating with paclitaxel on it’s own. Platinum resistance means that your cancer no longer responds to platinum based chemotherapy (e.g carboplatin). …

Two nurses discussing patient notes in a chemotherapy unit

MIRRORS-RCT (Pilot): A trial to find out if minimally invasive robotic surgery can be used for operations to treat ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer surgery is usually carried out by making an incision on the abdomen, from just above the pubic bone to above the navel (belly button). Sometimes the incision may need to be longer if the cancer has spread further upwards in the abdomen. Robotic surgery is a development of laparoscopic ‘key-hole’ surgery where surgery is performed…