Three women talking to and supporting each other

Local support

Find out about the different types of local support available and search for a nearby support group or cancer centre.

What local support exists?

Support groups

Support groups give you the chance to talk to others who understand what cancer is all about. 

Cancer centres

Many hospitals offering cancer treatment will have their own or a charity-run (such as Macmillan or Maggie’s) cancer centre on-site or close to the hospital. 

How might they help?

Support groups and cancer centres can be a great source of comfort for people affected by cancer. You can meet others with similar experiences in a friendly and supportive environment. Sharing experiences, stories or tips with people who understand can help you feel less isolated.

Cancer centres may also offer other support services. Centres often run a range of activities and complementary therapies such as relaxation, reflexology, arts and crafts, and even gardening. 

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