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Write to your local newspapers

Spread the word about your campaigning and ovarian cancer by writing to your local newspapers.

Local newspapers are a fantastic way to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the campaigning you’re doing. 

Writing to your local newspapers will have a huge impact because:

  • There may be people in your area experiencing symptoms that could indicate ovarian cancer but haven’t heard of the disease before. It may be the signal they need to contact their GP. 

  • It could lead to more people getting involved with your campaigning or wanting to do more. Campaigning is more likely to bring about change when as many people get involved as possible. 

  • Elected representatives pay very close attention to what is in local newspapers in their constituencies so they know what their constituents’ concerns and worries are. By seeing an article or letter about ovarian cancer, they may want to do more to help. 

stack of newspapers

Writing to your local newspaper

Download our template press release [Word], and send to local newspapers in your area to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

How to use the press release

1) Fill in the press release 

Fill in the blanks on the press release - <text that looks like this>. We have added comment boxes where you need to do this. Delete before sending!

Local journalists like to know about you! If you are happy for it to be in the public domain, you can include your full name, age, occupation and your family, including if you have any children. Personal stories and quotes are really powerful, so include these if you can. 

It is important to include your full name and a clear location of where you live - including the exact area if you live in a town or the city you live in (e.g. Small Heath, Birmingham). 

Be prepared to interview. Add your contact details (including a phone number) in the 'notes to editors' - journalists will often want to check the details with you. If in doubt, speak to our media team who are here to help. 

Show who you are. Attach a picture of yourself, you and family or of a campaigning activity you've taken part in. The picture needs to be good quality - preferably around 1MB in size. 

2) Talk to us

We want to help you campaign for change and can provide you with ovarian cancer statistics relevant to your local area. 

While our press release focuses on symptom awareness, we can offer guidance on how to include other issues you're campaigning on in the press release. 

Contact us

Contact [email protected] for any questions - or if you want the team to look over your press release before you send it on to journalists. 

3) Contact your local newspaper 

You can find your local newspaper's contact details online. Start by finding their contact number and calling the news desk first. When you call, introduce yourself and explain that you wish to send a press release via email about your experience of ovarian cancer and the need for local awareness of the symptoms. You can even invite them to an event you are attending or organising!




Pauline, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
I spoke to my local newspaper because I'm passionate about helping raise awareness of ovarian cancer. It's so important that women know the symptoms to look out for and where to turn if they need support. Local newspapers are such an important way to spread the word.
A GP using his hands to talk through a Target Ovarian Cancer leaflet on his desk

What to do next?

Now you have written to your local newspaper, it only takes 5 minutes to email your Integrated Care Board!

We've created an easy to use template, and all you have to do is input your details and press send to demand more attention for ovarian cancer in your local Integrated Care Board.