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Leave a gift in your will

Give the greatest gift to women with ovarian cancer by leaving a gift in your will. Explore how we can support you to make a difference that lasts forever.

Help us to be there for future generations of women with ovarian cancer. By leaving a gift in your will you can help fund world-class research into new treatments that could save thousands of lives.

In our video, Sarah and Paul talk about how a gift in your will has the power to change the future for women with ovarian cancer:

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We offer our supporters two easy ways to write or update your will for free. Learn more about how to write or update your will for free in the way that's right for you. 

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Already have a will?

Another way to update your existing will to include a legacy gift is to download and fill out a Target Ovarian Cancer Codicil Form [PDF].

Zahra's story

Dr Zahra Faraahi, researcher for Target Ovarian Cancer

Dr Zahra Faraahi is an ovarian cancer researcher who is determined to make a difference for future generations of women. Her mum Farzaneh died from ovarian cancer in January 2018, so she knows first-hand how devastating this disease can be:

My mum had a fantastic team and at the start she responded really well to chemotherapy. But later she became resistant to the few drugs available.

In the end my mum ran out of treatment options. I want to change that for other women.

Together, we can create a world where no one has to say goodbye too soon to someone they love because of ovarian cancer. 

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Contact us about your legacy

Leaving a gift in your will is an incredibly special and personal decision; you do not have to tell us that you have done so. However, if you would like to tell us that you've made a gift in your will, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Alternatively, if you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will you can email legacy@targetovariancancer.org.uk or call Jordan on 020 7923 5474.

To read our frequently asked questions about gifts in wills please request our free guide today