Find out how to organise a bucket collection to raise money and awareness, or volunteer at one of ours.

A collection is a fantastic way to raise funds as well as vital awareness. Just two hours of your time could raise enough to pay for half a day of medical research into new treatments for ovarian cancer.  

Organise a bucket collection

We can help you secure the right permits for your collection, and we'll send you all the materials you need including collection buckets, symptoms awareness leaflets and your own Target Ovarian Cancer t-shirt. 

For support with your collection, please email Thiago at [email protected] or call us on 020 7923 5474. 

Katy sitting at a table with Target Ovarian Cancer collection buckets and other fundraising materials

Katy organised a collection after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Before my diagnosis of stage I ovarian cancer, I was completely unaware of the symptoms. In fact, I only found out I had ovarian cancer when I had some tests for an appendicitis. On refection, I did have symptoms but they were put down to IBS and being perimenopausal. I know I was lucky, so I decided to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms to help other women.

Join one of our collections

If you prefer, you can join us at one of our collections! We're always looking for volunteers to help us collect funds at various locations around London.  

You can choose which dates and locations to join us, so it’s entirely flexible – we ask for just two hours of your time. 

To find out more, or join us at a collection, please email Thiago at [email protected] or call us on 020 7923 5474. 

Your support will save lives

How your collection could help women with ovarian cancer.

  • £17


    Fund support

    £17 means our support line can help one more person who needs advice and information they can trust.

  • £50


    Fund awareness

    £50 can help 50 people learn about the symptoms of ovarian cancer through our leaflets. Knowing the symptoms and when to visit the GP can vastly improve early diagnosis.

  • £250


    Fund research

    £250 can fund a day of life-saving research. We're working to improve ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment for women now, and in the future.