Women with their arms raised and holding placards at Brighton beach supporting Target Ovarian Cancer's TAKE OVAR campaign


Our campaigning achieves real change. Become a campaigner, read about our campaigns and see how we shape the policies of UK governments.

Campaigning is all about influencing those who have the power to change things to make decisions that improve the lives of women with ovarian cancer.

We want to see policy across all four nations of the UK that will transform awareness, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. That’s why, alongside women with ovarian cancer, their family and friends and healthcare professionals, we will not stop campaigning to make change happen. 

Our influential campaigns, with the help of thousands of our campaigners, achieve real change in the policies of UK governments so they can make a lasting impact on the lives of women with ovarian cancer, and those yet to be diagnosed. 

A group of people holding a big cardboard cheque outside of Parliament