Woman with ovarian cancer using a laptop

Support events

Come together to experience our digital support events

Our programme of digital events is shaped by you and the support that you’ve told us you need. From diet and nutrition tips to updates on new treatments, yoga and relaxation classes to having a virtual cup of tea and a chat, there’s lots to explore. 

Our support events offer you the chance to meet leading experts as well as others affected by ovarian cancer. The events are tailored so you can choose the type of support that suits you: 

  • Wellbeing events: these free sessions include weekly yoga and relaxation and a bi-weekly tea and chat over Zoom. We also run wellbeing sessions on different topics – everything from mindfulness and creative writing to ‘Empower Hour’, where you can hear about other people’s experiences of ovarian cancer. 

  • Information events: we run regular ‘Ask the Experts’ online Q&As over Zoom to help you understand more about different aspects of ovarian cancer. These range from genetics and targeted treatments, managing symptoms and side effects, to getting the most out of your treatment, and updates on clinical trials and new treatments. In these Q&As, you can put your questions to healthcare experts, including oncologists, surgeons, geneticists, mental health practitioners and clinical nurse specialists.