Children at a school in fancy dress costume, with the Ovar-Dressed logo in the corner

Ovar-Dressed Schools

Organise an Ovar-Dressed day at your school, and have some fun while raising money for an important cause!

Are you ready for a non-uniform day like no other? With Ovar-Dressed, it's easy to have some fun while raising vital funds for an important cause!

Encourage staff and students to switch their traditional school attire for an animal onesie, a silly hat, or full fancy dress, in exchange for a small donation (we suggest £2 each). A class of 30 students could raise enough for eight GPs to update their knowledge of ovarian cancer symptoms with our online modules – imagine what your whole school could do!

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get Ovar-Dressed

We'll help you get Ovar-Dressed

Our lovely fundraising team are here to help with your Ovar-Dressed day every step of the way.

We can provide you with lots of resources to make your Ovar-Dressed day a success, including... 

  • Posters, flyers and sign-up sheets to let everyone at school know what you're up to.
  • Sponsorship forms to make it even easier to raise funds.
  • An activity pack, including a wordsearch, crossword, DIY bunting and DIY mask templates for the students to decorate!
  • Balloons, for a bit of extra fun.
  • A certificate after you've finished fundraising so you can remember the diffference you made.

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