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Raise awareness online or in your community

Find out how to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer on social media and in your local community.

Awareness materials

In every nation of the UK, too few people know the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

We need to ensure every woman knows the symptoms and feels empowered to contact their GP at the earliest opportunity. This is the crucial first step in ensuring more women are diagnosed earlier. 

Raise awareness in your local community 

Displaying posters

One of the most vital ways of raising awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is through displaying posters in places like pharmacies, GP surgeries and shops. 

You can download our symptoms poster [PDF] and get in touch with your pharmacy, GP surgery or local shop so they can print the poster and display it in their premises. 

You might want to explain a bit about ovarian cancer, why it is important that women know the symptoms to look out for and why you feel so passionately about raising awareness. You could also explain how raising awareness saves lives, and that women who see these posters may contact their GP as a result. 

During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month my fitness instructor displays Target Ovarian Cancer posts and leaflets around the hall!

Set up a stall

You can set up a stall to raise awareness at local events or community centres! We can supply the materials and offer advice on speaking about ovarian cancer. Team up with friends, family or other campaigners if you're nervous doing this alone. 

Give a talk

Community centres and local venues may host meetings and events where you can talk to an audience about your experience and the importance of symptom awareness.

Public speaking isn't for everyone, however some campaigners find it an empowering way to share their story and raise awareness. Some campaigners even present at our parliamentary events! 

Raise awareness online

On social media

You can reach a wide audience through social media! You can use Instagram to connect with people through photos, videos and captions to share your story and raise awareness of the issues you are facing. X (formally Twitter) allows you to connect with key people such as MPs and hospital board members. 

You can help raise awareness of the symptoms by sharing our ovarian cancer symptoms placard [PDF] on your Facebook, X (formally Twitter) or Instagram account with this message:

Do you know the symptoms of ovarian cancer? I'm joining @TargetOvarian in raising awareness to save lives. Contact your GP if you're worried. The main symptoms of ovarian cancer are: bloated tummy, always feeling full tummy pain and needing to wee more.

Ask your friends and family to do the same or share your post. If everyone who posted did this, it would help save even more lives. 

Create and share a video 

You could record a video of yourself explaining why you're passionate about ovarian cancer, telling people the symptoms and to visit our website. You could ask your elected representative to share this video!

How to talk about ovarian cancer while campaigning

Campaigner presenting
I often hand out leaflets at the local market, supermarkets, book sales and public events. Many women thank me as they didn't know the symptoms, or that cervical screening does not detect ovarian cancer!

I find it really powerful to raise awareness like this. I am a survivor and women connect with me.
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What to do next?

Raising awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer in the general population is vital. At Target Ovarian Cancer we also work with healthcare professionals to challenge the misconceptions about ovarian cancer that prevent early diagnosis.

Will you join us and help distribute our information resources to your local GP practice?