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Find our PR contact details and ways that we can help you create headlines, news stories and features about ovarian cancer.

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Reporting on ovarian cancer: a journalist's guide

We've produced a guide for journalists reporting on ovarian cancer [PDF]. You can use this guide to help you report on ovarian cancer accurately and clearly.

Up-to-date statistics

We can help you report on new research and statistics, by putting them in perspective, and in plain English. We also have key facts and figures on ovarian cancer for your reporting.

Spokespeople who know their stuff

Whether it's a Target Ovarian Cancer spokesperson, a woman with ovarian cancer or a leading health professional, you'll find a depth of knowledge and opinion.

Case studies

Target Ovarian Cancer works with thousands of women with ovarian cancer. We can provide you with great case studies to bring your statistics to life or to create a specific feature about an impactful story.

Great content

We can offer videos, B-roll, photography, graphics, links to our ovarian cancer advice and more.

Raising awareness: dates to remember 

Women with their arms raised and holding placards at Brighton beach supporting Target Ovarian Cancer's TAKE OVAR campaign

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – March

An opportunity to get involved with raising awareness of ovarian cancer among both the general public and health professionals.

Find out about our work for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

World Ovarian Cancer Day – 8 May

Ovarian cancer organisations from around the world unite to educate their communities about the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month – September

This is a great time to highlight ovarian cancer along with other gynaecological cancers.