Current campaigns

Find out about the issues we're currently campaigning on to improve the lives of those with ovarian cancer.

As many of us as possible need to get involved and tell decision makers that we think things should be different for those with ovarian cancer.

By demanding action through our key campaigns, we hope to make life better for everyone with ovarian cancer and for those yet to be diagnosed.


There is an awareness crisis in ovarian cancer. We need to change this, so we're campaigning for national awareness campaigns that will give everyone the best chance of survival.

Read more about our campaigning on awareness.


One in five women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are already too ill to receive treatment. Alongside our campaigners, we're calling on all UK governments to transform early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Read more about our campaigning on diagnosis.

Access to treatment

Access to treatment and cancer drugs varies across the UK. We want to improve access so that everyone has the best treatment options for them, no matter where they live.

Read more about our campaigning on access to treatment.