Frequently asked questions about fundraising

From fundraising ideas and how to promote your event to making sure your activities are legal and how to pay-in the money you've raised.

Keep your fundraising safe and legal

Thank you so much for choosing to support women with ovarian cancer. Please ensure that your events are safe and legal. Target Ovarian Cancer cannot accept any liability for third party 'in aid of' events. All expenses must be accounted for by the event organiser and only net funds submitted to Target Ovarian Cancer. It's your responsibility to check if you need insurance, first aid cover, licences or food hygiene certificates.

If there's anything that you're unsure about, please get in touch with our fundraising team on 020 7923 5474 or [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

We've put together a selection of frequently asked questions about fundraising for Target Ovarian Cancer. If your question isn't answered below, please get in touch with us.

I'd like to fundraise but I don't know how. What can I do?

There are countless ways to raise funds to support our work, and you can also raise vital awareness about the symptoms:

I know how I'd like to fundraise; what now?

If you've decided how you want to raise money, let us know! Order fundraising materials to help make your event a success, or contact our team: [email protected]. We'll send you all the materials you need, and offer our advice and support. 

We can send you our 'in aid of' logo to use on posters, invitations and other promotional materials. Please remember to include our registered charity numbers on any materials promoting your fundraising: 1125038 (England and Wales) and SC042920 (Scotland).

How can I promote my fundraising?

The more people that know about your fundraising and understand your reasons for raising funds and awareness, the more money you'll raise. You might also receive offers of donations, raffle prizes, help and more.

  • Download our template poster or event invitations, or make your own, to let as many people as possible know about your fundraising. You can also order fundraising materials (pin badges, wristbands, symptoms leaflets, banners etc.) from us to help publicise your event.

  • Email all your contacts and let them know what you’re up to. If you’re able to write personal messages, these are more likely to result in donations.

  • Set up an online fundraising page with JustGiving or Facebook. Whichever you choose, funds raised come directly to Target Ovarian Cancer. Personalise your story by adding details of why you're fundraising, and add a photo or video of yourself. Don't forget to update your story when you hit fundraising milestones or as the event draws nearer. 

  • Create an event on Facebook and ask friends to share your page. 

  • Tweet the link to your sponsorship page, tag us @TargetOvarian and ask everyone to retweet it. You can also tag us @TargetOvarian on Instagram.

  • Do you use an email signature for work or your personal life? You could add a note about your fundraising activity to raise even more awareness and funds! Here's a template you can adapt: 

I’m raising funds and awareness for Target Ovarian Cancer. Will you help me? Please sponsor my fundraising by visiting my fundraising page [insert link]. / Please help Target Ovarian Cancer by making a donation. Thank you!

How can I get interest from local media?

You may want to use the local media (newspapers, magazines, radio or TV) to promote your event or raise sponsorship. Here's some information to help you:

  • You can get the email addresses for the news desks of relevant local papers, magazines, radio and TV stations online or call the switchboard (numbers should be in the phone book) and ask them for the most suitable contact.

  • We have template press releases that you can adapt and send to your local media, just contact our fundraising team for more information.

  • Make sure they know that the event is being held by locals and/or that people in the local area can attend.

  • Make it personal. The media like 'human interest' articles that people can identify with. So include why Target Ovarian Cancer is important to you and any interesting details.

  • If you speak to a journalist, ask them if they'd like to send a photographer or be emailed pictures afterwards. To be suitable for publication, photos usually need to be a minimum of 500kb or 390 dpi.

  • Bear in mind that many magazines are written a few months before they are published, so these are less likely to be able to cover some things. Also TV stations cover very large areas and receive hundreds of stories each day, but you may get lucky!

  • If some local media pick up the story before the event, give them a call afterwards to let them know how it went.

  • Even if they didn't previously cover it, they may still like to receive a photo of the event and some key details, like how many people came and how much was raised. If people can still donate, let them know how to do this. If not, you'd still be helping to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. A 'Letter to Editor' thanking the local people that supported your event can sometimes work well.

What would I need to do to hold a bucket collection?
  • To collect money in a public place you must get a licence from the local council. You need to think ahead as these can take up to eight weeks. To collect in a private place, like a supermarket, you must get permission.

  • If you'd like to organise a collection at your local train station, get in touch and let us know where you're hoping to collect. We'll try to secure the permit you'll need. These often need to be organised several months in advance, so plan your date early on. 

  • We can send you all the materials you'll need for the day: collection buckets, symptoms leaflets and your own Target Ovarian Cancer t-shirt.

  • We organise regular collections across London, and we're always looking for volunteers to join us and help collect funds. Just two hours of your time could pay for half a day of medical research into new treatments for ovarian cancer.

I'll be selling alcohol at my event; do I need a license?

If you're selling alcohol at your event, you need a licence from your local magistrate's court. Taking donations for alcohol doesn't require a licence.

Do I need a license to hold a raffle?

You do not need a licence if the raffle is part of a larger charity event as long as: 

  • the money raised is not for private gain

  • tickets are only sold during the event

  • the raffle is drawn during the event

  • the draw does not roll over

  • any deductions from the money raised do not exceed £100 in costs and £500 in prizes.

How can I send you the money I raise?


You can donate online. Please include details in the comments box to let us know who raised the money and how. Alternatively, you can make a transfer using online banking. Please contact us for our account details. 

By post

Please make your cheque payable to Target Ovarian Cancer and send it to: 
Target Ovarian Cancer
30 Angel Gate
London EC1V 2PT

At an HSBC bank

Please email – [email protected] – to order a paying-in slip from us before going to the bank. You can then go to any branch of HSBC and pay your funds directly to us. We'll know that money is from you because of the number on the paying-in slip. 

Do you have charity shops?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any charity shops, but there are other ways you can donate your unwanted items in aid of Target Ovarian Cancer.

For example, you can donate items like books, CDs and DVDs using Ziffit. You can donate the value of your items to your chosen charity, and the money raised will come directly to us through Virgin Money Giving. 

Thank you for supporting Target Ovarian Cancer. If you have any questions or would like any tips or advice, call our fundraising team on 020 7923 5474 or email us: [email protected].