My ovarian cancer has come back

Finding out that cancer has returned can be overwhelming. Here we help you understand your treatment options and the practicalities of a recurrence.

After you finished your initial treatment for ovarian cancer you'll have had regular follow-ups with your treatment team to check how you’re feeling and to carry out examinations or tests. Sometimes the cancer can come back, even years after finishing your initial (first-line) treatment.  

Here we offer information and advice to help you understand your treatment options, the practicalities of a recurrence and explore how you might feel during this time and the support you can access:

To read more about ovarian cancer that has come back, and your emotional and practical needs at this time, download our guide Back here again [PDF] or order a copy for free

Your stories

Read personal stories from women whose ovarian cancer has returned.

Back here again printed guide

Back here again

A guide for anyone whose ovarian cancer has come back.
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