My ovarian cancer has come back

Finding out that cancer has returned can be overwhelming. Here we help you understand your treatment options and the practicalities of a recurrence.

After being treated for their initial ovarian cancer diagnosis, some women have a normal CT or MRI scan and a normal CA125 blood test. However, sometimes their cancer can still come back, even years after finishing initial or first line treatment. 

The simple answer to the "why has my cancer come back?" question is that CT or MRI scans and CA125 blood tests cannot detect near invisible deposits of ovarian cancer that may remain. We need to develop highly sensitive and reliable methods to detect those tiny groups of cancer cells.

We still don't fully understand why some cancers return, and why some return years after finishing treatment and others just months after.

You may still be recovering from your initial treatment or you may have hoped that cancer was far behind you. Everyone is different but no one wants to be facing a recurrence of ovarian cancer.

Here we offer information and advice to help you understand your treatment options, the practicalities of a recurrence and explore how you might feel during this time. 

Your stories

Read personal stories from women whose ovarian cancer has returned.