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Ovarian Cancer Community

Find out how to join our online community for everyone affected by ovarian cancer.

We invite you to join the Ovarian Cancer Community, an open and understanding Facebook community created by Target Ovarian Cancer for everyone affected by ovarian cancer, including anyone with a diagnosis and family and friends.

Join the Ovarian Cancer Community to:

  • connect, share experiences and support one another
  • keep in touch with us and experience our digital events together with your loved ones
  • hear from clinicians and our specialist nurses to learn more about ovarian cancer

Join the Ovarian Cancer Community

In Touch

If you've received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, we'd also encourage you to join our In Touch Facebook group.

In Touch is a safe and understanding group created by Target Ovarian Cancer, just for anyone living with and beyond ovarian cancer. It can't be accessed by healthcare professionals, friends or relatives, or members of the public.

This group enables you to stay in touch with those with similar experiences, wherever you are in the UK. You can chat, share hints and tips and experience some of our more personal wellbeing webinars together with other women.

Join In Touch

How do I join?

To join, all you need to do is answer our three entry questions and agree to the group rules before your membership will be approved. We have these entry questions and rules in place to make sure that the groups remain a safe and supportive place for everyone living with and beyond ovarian cancer, and families and friends. 

Who can see these groups?

These groups are classified as a 'private' Facebook group, which means other people affected by ovarian cancer can search for the group, making it easier for them to find and join. However, being a member of the group won't show up on your personal Facebook profile, as only members can see who other members are.

Who can see what I post?

Only other members of these groups, including a few members of Target Ovarian Cancer staff, will be able to see your posts and conversations. 

You should not post personal contact information in the group. If you'd like to share your details with another member of the group, please use Facebook Messenger to send them a private message.

If you have any questions about joining, please email us: info@targetovariancancer.org.uk.