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About ovarian cancer

If you're worried about ovarian cancer, want to know about symptoms, testing, treatment options or clinical trials, you can find everything you need here.

Each year 7,400 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK. Here you can find out what ovarian cancer is, including the different types, stages and grades.

This section also covers the symptoms and the risk of developing ovarian cancer. You'll find guidance for talking to your GP and what tests to expect if you're experiencing symptoms. You can also find out more about different treatment options depending on your situation.

There's also information on what clinical trials are and how they work. You can discover what clinical trials are taking place across the UK, and search for trials by location, treatment stage and the stage of the trial.

You can speak to our specialist nurses about any of the information on these pages. They're here to listen and support you.

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Find out more about the common symptoms of ovarian cancer. It's important to get them checked out by a GP even if they are mild.
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Ovarian cancer risk

The risk of developing ovarian cancer in the general population is 2% (or 2 in 100 women). But some factors can increase your risk.
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Treatment options

Treatment of ovarian cancer is different depending on your situation. This will be based on the type and stage of ovarian cancer, any previous treatment and your own wishes.
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