Read the personal experiences of people affected by ovarian cancer, from coping with their diagnosis to sharing tips for treatment and what support they'd recommend. 

Elaine standing in front of a brick wall wearing a camel colour trench coat and peach top
Elaine's story

After a fibroid removal operation was delayed due to the pandemic, it was a routine renal scan in late 2020 that led to Elaine’s ovarian cancer diagnosis. Two years after finishing treatment, she's sharing her experience to help other women. 

A photo from Target Ovarian Cancer's Scottish Pathfinder Annwen Jones, Mags, Mary Hudson and Monica Lennon MSP
Mary's story

Mary initially was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and then received an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2019. It was soon discovered that she had a rare gene variant that put her at an increased risk of cancer.

A selfie of Grainne wearing a black top with short hair
Grainne’s story

Mum of two Grainne was diagnosed with stage 1A ovarian cancer after mentioning a pulled stomach muscle to her GP. She found Target Ovarian Cancer’s information and other women’s stories a useful way to understand her diagnosis and what to expect. 

Reeta wearing a purple Target Ovarian Cancer tshirt
Reeta's story

Reeta was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer after a chance mention to a healthcare professional outside of her GP practice. She wants to encourage women to not be embarrassed about their symptoms and break the stigma around gynae cancer.

Sue, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Sue's story

After finding a lump in her stomach, Sue made an appointment to see her GP. With an elevated CA125 result, she was referred for a scan and eventually diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

A selfie of Dot with short blonde hair wearing glasses and smiling
Dot's story

Having had a full hysterectomy in her 30s, ovarian cancer wasn’t something Dot had ever thought about. However, after years of GP appointments and misdiagnoses, it was confirmed she had stage 4 low grade ovarian cancer in July 2021

Lindsay smiling wearing a black and red top
Lindsay's story

Lindsay was a fit and healthy 32-year-old when an initial diagnosis of a UTI turned out to be ovarian cancer. She is now cancer free and determined to raise awareness of the disease and its symptoms.

Amanda smiling wearing a blue fascinator in her hair
Amanda's story

Amanda was diagnosed with stage 1a ovarian cancer in 2020 after visiting the GP about a different matter. Three years on, Amanda has been determined to raise awareness and make sure women have the knowledge to spot the signs.

Pauline, a woman with short blonde hair smiling to the camera wearing a pink shirt and white jacket
Pauline's story

Just before her 60th birthday, Pauline is sharing her experience and how she is living her life to the fullest since being told at the end of chemo and surgery, there is now no evidence of disease.

A photo of Sbba sitting at a table smiling
Sbba's story

Sbba was given a stage 3c diagnosis in 2022 after experiencing symptoms in the Autumn. Treatment didn’t go to plan but the unwavering support she received, coupled with her faith which guided her, kept her strong.  

Sarah and her auntie taking part in the Belfast Walk Run wearing Target Ovarian Cancer tshirts and pushing a toddler in a pram
Lesley and Sarah’s story

Lesley passed away in 2017 at the age of 46, just four days after her diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Her daughter Sarah is sharing their experience to raise awareness in the hope that it will help other families to spot the symptoms sooner.

A photo of Karen smiling on holiday wearing a blue tshirt
Karen's story

Karen was initially diagnosed with stage 1b ovarian cancer in 2019. After further tests this was changed to stage 3b. Karen wants to share her story to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms.