Read the personal experiences of people affected by ovarian cancer, from coping with their diagnoisis to sharing tips for treatment and what support they'd recommend.

Chris stands in a garden smiling at the camera
Chris's story

Having dealt with several rounds of treatment, Chris talks about the power of positivity and why living with ovarian cancer hasn’t stopped her from doing the things she loves.

Picture of Katy
Katy's story

Katy knew very early on that something wasn’t quite right. Here she explains the importance of knowing your body.

Helen wearing glasses and holding a glass of wine
Helen’s story

Helen shares her difficult diagnosis, her recurrence and how it can help to speak to others who understand what you're going through.

Margaret smiling in her living room
Margaret's story

At 75, Margaret shares how chemo helped her stage 3 cancer change to no evidence of disease and how online support helped her.

Sarah outside wearing sunglasses with her daughter
Sarah’s story

Sarah talks about what it's like to live with incurable ovarian cancer, genetic testing and her support group at work.

Claire smiling with a deckchair behind her
Claire’s Story

Diagnosed at the age of 32, Claire shares her experience as a younger woman with ovarian cancer.

Pauline, a Target Ovarian Cancer fundraiser, standing behind a table of homemade cakes
Pauline's story

After her diagnosis, Pauline shares how important she finds giving back through raising funds and awareness.

Rachel - a woman with ovarian cancer who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Rachel's story

Rachel got the all-clear eight years ago and decided to share her story for our BBC Lifeline Appeal.