Read the personal experiences of people affected by ovarian cancer, from coping with their diagnosis to sharing tips for treatment and what support they'd recommend. 

Rosie taking a photo in the mirror wearing her student nurse uniform
Rosie's story

At 15 years old, Rosie, now a student nurse, had spent three months experiencing abdominal pain and bloating, but had no idea it would be stage 2 ovarian cancer

Sarah taking a selfie wearing a cap and grey jacket, she's outside in front of a lake with blue skies behind her
Sarah's story

Sarah was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer in March 2023 after an elevated CA125 result of over 1,700. She's now taking the maintenance drug Niraparib and wants to share her experience to raise awareness and help other women be diagnosed earlier.

Gillian with long dark hair and a fringe taking a selfie, she's wearing her wig she named "Cher"
Gillian's story

A year on from her diagnosis of stage 3 high grade serous ovarian cancer, Gillian discusses her experience, life with a stoma, and looking to the future surrounded by friends and family.

Alison smiling sitting on the sofa holding a cup of tea
Alison's story

In 2014, Alison was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer together with breast cancer. June marks 10 years since that diagnosis – and she continues to raise awareness and hopes to inspire others by sharing her story.

Jennifer with short brown spiked hair wearing black glasses and a dark tshirt
Jennifer's story

Jennifer was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2022. Despite extensive surgery, just months after she ran Race for Life and most recently took part in Target 50. She wants to give other women hope by sharing her story.

Amy, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Amy's story

It’s been four years since Amy shared her story with us, and despite 2023 being challenging, she wanted to share how she has continued to hold onto hope.

Pauline, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Pauline's story

In 2014, Pauline was told she would have just three years to live. This year, she is marking 10 years on from that consultation.

A selfie of Lucy with red curled hair and a teal green top on
Lucy's story

28 year old Lucy was diagnosed with a stage 1 borderline tumour. She shares the emotional impact this has had, and the fertility sparing surgery she opted for.

A selfie of Chris with short grey hair wearing a light blue tshirt and a necklace
Chris's story

After being initially misdiagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer due to a CT scan showing a pleural effusion, Chris’s diagnosis was confirmed as stage 1c in 2020. She’s sharing her story to raise awareness of mucinous tumours – a rare form of ovarian cancer

A photo of Treena wearing a blue top smiling
Treena's story

Treena, 52, was diagnosed with stage 4b high grade serous ovarian cancer in 2022. She talks about how connecting with women through Target Ovarian Cancer has been a lifeline.

Elaine standing in front of a brick wall wearing a camel colour trench coat and peach top
Elaine's story

After a fibroid removal operation was delayed due to the pandemic, it was a routine renal scan in late 2020 that led to Elaine’s ovarian cancer diagnosis. Two years after finishing treatment, she's sharing her experience to help other women. 

A photo from Target Ovarian Cancer's Scottish Pathfinder Annwen Jones, Mags, Mary Hudson and Monica Lennon MSP
Mary's story

Mary initially was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and then received an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2019. It was soon discovered that she had a rare gene variant that put her at an increased risk of cancer.