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Take action through craftivism

Learn how to take action in a powerful and creative way through craftivism.

Craftivism is a powerful and creative way to bring about change and raise awareness. It involves creating flyers, stickers, bags or badges (even cakes and biscuits) to draw attention to a particular campaign or issue.

Craftivism is perfect if you don't feel comfortable taking part in certain activities, like hosting an event or meeting with your elected representative.

A blue bag displaying ovarian cancer statistics and information

Connect with others

Craftivism can be fun with others! Why not invite some family and friends to create with you? For example, you could get together to design your own symptoms poster or design badges that you could send to your elected representatives.

You could even hold a craftivism workshop. This could be a private event, and a space to support others and share stories, or a public event to raise awareness of ovarian cancer in the local community.

Things to consider

Who is your target audience?

You might display your crafts in homes, shop fronts, or doctors' offices, or you might even send them to decision-makers directly. 

What message do you want to get across?

And what is the best way to do this? You might want to create a banner for a stall displaying the symptoms, or create something that shares your story to send to a certain audience. 

How can you promote your craftivism?

Your creations might stay local to your area and be displayed in the community centre or local newspapers, but you can share the message far and wide through social media. Don't forget to take pictures! 


stack of newspapers

What to do next?

Now you have used crafts to raise awareness and influence, write to your local newspaper to share your story.

We have prepared an easy to use press release template - all you need to do is add information about yourself and your story to raise awareness of ovarian cancer in your local community!