Campaigning toolkit

Our campaigning toolkit provides you with everything you need to campaign with us to bring about change for women with ovarian cancer.

Three women talking outside the House of Commons

We campaign to bring about change to the lives of everyone with ovarian cancer. This wouldn’t be possible without our campaigners, a movement of people working together to transform awareness, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

This toolkit is a resource that provides you with everything you need to start campaigning with us or to take your campaigning to the next level. 

What is campaigning?

Campaigning is about influencing the people who have the power to change things to make decisions that improve the lives of women with ovarian cancer. Whether you’re signing a digital call to action or writing to your elected representative, that’s campaigning.

A fundamental aspect of campaigning is working together with other people who, like all of us, want to see change for women with ovarian cancer. The more of us who tell decision-makers things should be different, the more likely they are to listen.

What's included in the toolkit?

Our campaigning toolkit provides you with the information you need to start campaigning and a range of different activities to take part in:

If you have any questions about the toolkit, would like to tell us about campaigning you’ve been doing or need further guidance, email us:

Please ensure that when you’re campaigning, you adhere to social distancing as well as national and local coronavirus restrictions and guidance.