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Campaigning Toolkit

How do you want to demand change? This toolkit will support you to campaign and get your voice heard.

Become a campaigner

Our campaigning toolkit provides you with the information you need to start campaigning and a range of activities to take part in. How do you want to demand change?

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Campaigning toolkit

A group of Target Ovarian Cancer campaigners standing outside the House of Lords, Westminster

What is campaigning?

We all want to see change for everyone affected by ovarian cancer!

Campaigning is all about influencing those who have the power to change things to make decisions that improve the lives of women with ovarian cancer. Whether you're signing a digital call to action or writing to your elected representative, that's campaigning! The more of us who tell decision-makers things should be different, the more wins we can secure in the future.

This would not be possible without you, our campaigners. Together, you form a strong, people-powered movement across the UK that takes action to transform the future of ovarian cancer diagnosis, treatment and care.

A photo of Sbba sitting at a table smiling
There are a lot of women, not just in the South Asian community, who do not feel empowered about their own health. I want to be a voice. I want to campaign to make sure that ovarian cancer is much more visible, more discussed, and to raise awareness, especially in my own community.

How to get started?

Starting to campaign can feel daunting, but you've got everything you need to get started! 

Remember, change takes time - start small and grow momentum. Celebrate your successes, big and small!

How to talk about ovarian cancer while campaigning

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I'm determined to embrace the negative and use it to make a positive, using my experience and voice to campaign for change.