Target Ovarian Cancer volunteers collecting money at Euston station

Donate during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Find out how to donate to Target Ovarian Cancer during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Together, let's stop ovarian cancer devastating lives.

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Donate to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Donate today to help us target what’s important to stop ovarian cancer devastating lives.   

At Target Ovarian Cancer we give trusted information to help people ask questions and make decisions that are right for them. We connect people with shared experiences and we support families every step of the way.   

We stand together as a powerful community for everyone facing ovarian cancer across the UK; sharing stories and raising voices to make sure that ovarian cancer becomes a health priority.   


We know that early diagnosis saves lives, so we work closely with GPs who are at the heart of this to help them diagnose ovarian cancer faster and earlier – giving everyone the best chance of living.   

And our investment in research to find new, better and more targeted treatments means that everyone can live with hope for their future.   

We’re fighting for a world where everyone with ovarian cancer lives, and we’re targeting what’s important – symptoms awareness, early diagnosis, better treatments and support for all.

How to donate to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month  

  1. Click on the donate button above
  2. Select a monthly or single donation 
  3. Select the amount you'd like to donate 
  4. Follow payment instructions 
Need help with your donation?

Our fundraising team are on hand! Call 020 7923 5474 or email [email protected]



Your support will transform lives

How your money could help people affected by ovarian cancer

  • £25


    More training

    £25 means three GPs can access training to ensure early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

  • £50


    Raise awareness

    £50 could help 50 people learn about the symptoms of ovarian cancer through our leaflets. Knowing the symptoms and when to visit the GP is crucial.

  • £170


    Provide support

    £170 means our support line can help 10 people who need advice and information they can trust.

The impact of your donation

We know that early diagnosis saves lives so we're committed to improving early diagnosis on all sides. 

Everyone must know the symptoms of ovarian cancer. We partner the NHS on delivering public health campaigns on TV and in areas with health inequalities. We run advertising across billboards and in magazines ready by thousands (like The Times and The Sun). We secure stories and symptoms in media stories - on TV, radio and in magazines and paper, and we run online campaigns – read and watched by millions.    

We work closely with GPs who are at the heart of early diagnosis to help them diagnose ovarian cancer faster and earlier. No GP wants to miss a diagnosis and hundreds of them have done our training and are part of our GP network. This month we’re proud to launch a new early diagnosis toolkit for healthcare professionals, which includes information and safety netting interventions, so that no GP misdiagnoses.  

We campaign for quicker testing – doing a CA125 blood test and ultrasound at the same time to cut the waiting time.