Online tribute pages

Find out how to create an online tribute page in memory of your loved one and see their impact live on.

A tribute page is a special space dedicated to celebrating and remembering your loved one's life. You can bring loved ones together at a difficult time as you find comfort in the messages, memories and photos that are shared. 

You can also donate in memory of your loved one and carry on their legacy to see change for everyone facing ovarian cancer, so that more survive this terrible disease.

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On your page you can: 

  • Share photos, thoughts and memories.

  • Donate in memory of your loved one.

  • Share the details of the funeral or remembrance service.

  • Share a candle, heart or flowers.

  • Add offline donations so that everything you raise in memory of your loved one can be seen in one place.

Create your tribute page with us

Create your tribute page with MuchLoved

You can also create your tribute page using MuchLoved, the online tribute charity. Here you can share photos and messages, make donations and share details of the funeral or remembrance service, as well as light a candle to mark meaningful dates.

Create your tribute page using MuchLoved

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If you need help creating a page, or finding the page of a loved one, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team directly on 020 7923 5474 or [email protected].

Frequently asked questions 

How long will my tribute page last?

Your tribute page will remain open as long as you like. There is no end date, and many users choose to keep their tribute page open indefinitely.

Can donors give cash or cheque donations if they prefer?

Yes. Offline donations can also be included in the total raised on your tribute page, just let us know the donation details and we can add these to your tribute page for you.

Is there a charge for creating a tribute page?

No, this service is free for everyone.

Lucinda hugging her mum Dorothy

My mum Dorothy was a beautiful person. She wanted all her family and friends to donate to Target Ovarian Cancer when she died, so we set up a tribute page in her name. It's a perfect way for us to share memories, photos and see how much we have raised together over time. It's a wonderful way to honour her.