Campaign on access to treatment

Find out what changes we're campaigning for to improve access to treatment for those with ovarian cancer.

What are we campaigning for? 

Treatment options for ovarian cancer have changed little over the last two decades. Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are offered a combination of surgery and chemotherapy, or in a very few cases surgery or chemotherapy alone.

Despite some exciting developments in the treatment of ovarian cancer in recent years, such as the availability of bevacizumab (Avastin®), olaparib (Lynparza®) and most recently niraparib (Zejula®), we need to keep campaigning to make sure that all women with ovarian cancer are able to access the best treatment. 

We also know there can be significant regional differences in access to ovarian cancer treatment, particularly surgery. In every UK nation, there needs to be an audit mapping ovarian cancer care, surgery and survival, so this can be addressed.

What needs to change? 

It's vital that all women with ovarian cancer have access to new and existing treatments that are right for them, no matter where they live in the UK.