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Ask the Experts: Living with incurable ovarian cancer and accessing palliative care services  

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Yoga and Relaxation Taster  

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Weekly yoga and relaxation: for those with a diagnosis

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Tea and chat: for those with a diagnosis

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Ask the Experts: Living with incurable ovarian cancer and accessing palliative care services

Tuesday 18 June, 2pm-3pm
This event is aimed towards those with incurable ovarian cancer
Led by Adrienne Betteley, Strategic Advisor for End of Life Care, Macmillan

Incurable cancer means that the cancer isn’t at a stage where a cure is now possible, although there may still be cancer treatments that can help to control or slow down the progression of disease.  

Palliative care focuses on you and your concerns as well as maintaining and improving your quality of life, offering support to you and your loved ones during the course of your illness. While your cancer may not be curable, there are still many things that can help you live well for as long as possible.

This session aims to demystify palliative care and advance care planning, through understanding the terminology around it and providing an insight into its benefits and how services can be accessed. The session will also cover living with the uncertainty of incurable ovarian cancer as well as coping with your emotions and how to speak to your loved ones about how you are feeling.

We have designed this event to be a safe space for those living with incurable ovarian cancer, where you have the opportunity to put your questions to our expert. The event will only be available to watch live by joining us on Zoom and will not be livestreamed into our online community. This event is free, but you’ll need to register to receive information on how to join the session.    

Our specialist nurses have facilitated many honest and open conversations about living with incurable ovarian cancer and are available to support you if you need them. You can contact our nurse-led support line if you are impacted by any of the content discussed within this session on 020 7923 5475 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). We understand that speaking on the phone is not for everyone, so you can get in touch in another way that feels right for you by filling out our contact form or emailing [email protected].

About our expert

Adrienne Betteley is a nurse by background and has worked in a variety of settings including care homes and hospitals but most of her nursing career was spent as a District Nursing Sister and Practice Educator working in Cheshire. Adrienne then went on to do a number of different roles which were all focusing on End of Life Care in a variety of settings such as a Primary Care Trust, Cancer Networks and Strategic Health Authorities. She also undertook some national work on Advance Care Planning as part of the team leading on Preferred Priorities for Care in England.

Adrienne was a trustee at her local hospice for four and a half years and a trustee of Care2Save for two years. She was also an elected Board member for the North West RCN Board for two years from 2006. In 2011, Adrienne joined Macmillan Cancer Support and has worked there in a variety of roles, mostly focusing on End of Life Care. Her current role commenced in January 2020 as Strategic Adviser for End of Life Care, which is UK wide and provides expertise and advice internally and externally. Adrienne represents Macmillan on several national groups in England such as the Ambitions Partnership of which she was elected as co-chair in January 2019 and she also sits on the National End of Life Care Programme Board for England.

Please note that during the event, Adrienne Betteley will not be addressing specific symptom management questions, but will instead focus on the holistic approach of palliative care.  

If you would like more information to help you understand your options for care, as well as practical advice and wellbeing support please visit our webpage.

We understand that this topic may be upsetting for some. If you would like to submit a question but would prefer to watch the event back in your own time, instead of attending on the day, you're welcome to email your question to [email protected] and we will aim to answer it during the session. 

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Yoga and Relaxation Taster

Friday 21 June, 2pm–3pm
For those with an ovarian cancer diagnosis
Led by Claire Brett-Pitt (Level 4 Cancer Rehab Exercise Specialist and qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher)

Looking to get back into exercise? Or perhaps to take some time for yourself and try something new? We are celebrating this year’s International Yoga Day with a taster session of our weekly Yoga and Relaxation class, so why not sign up to see how the classes could benefit you?

Like our weekly class, the taster session will be exclusively for those with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer and cover gentle movement, followed by guided relaxation.

Staying active can help with side effects such as fatigue and improve your emotional wellbeing, an important part of life for everyone affected by ovarian cancer. You can take part seated or standing – whatever feels right for you.

For many people, ovarian cancer brings uncertainty that can be hard to manage. Mindfulness can improve wellbeing by helping us to focus on the present moment. Claire will share some relaxation practices that can be used in everyday life, to help manage stress and anxious moments.  

This session is free, but you'll need to register in advance.

This session will be in addition to our regular weekly Yoga and Relaxation class. The class on Wednesday 19 June will take place as usual. 

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Weekly yoga and relaxation sessions

Every Wednesday, 2pm–3pm
For anyone with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Led by Claire Brett-Pitt, qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a natural way to boost wellbeing as it helps you to relax, cope with stress and anxiety, and get some gentle exercise. Staying active can help with side effects such as fatigue and improve your emotional wellbeing, an important part of life for everyone affected by ovarian cancer.

Our instructor has experience in leading sessions for people with cancer, so will guide you safely. You can do it seated or standing – whatever feels right for you.

This session is free but you'll need to register in advance.

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Tea and chat: for those with a diagnosis

Every other Tuesday, 2pm–3pm
For anyone with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer

An informal session owned by you, Tea and chat is a casual, social session over Zoom for a small group to meet over a cuppa, joined by one of our Nurse Advisers. We like to keep tea and chat fun, light and informal, so each session is themed, giving you the opportunity to have a good chat together. The sessions are not for medical advice or discussions, sometimes we don’t even mention ovarian cancer. 

You can join us a little late, just pop in during your lunch break or leave early if you need to. Whatever works best for you. If you don’t feel like chatting, you can always just listen along and escape with us for a while. 

To sign up, you need to be a member of our In Touch Facebook group, exclusively for anyone with a diagnosis. Join In Touch now to connect with others who know what you’re going through. You can chat, share hints and tips and sign up to our tea and chat sessions together in a community that is here for you. To let us know you’d like to join, comment on the sign-up post that is added to the group the week before. You’ll be able to find this pinned at the top of the group. 

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