A group of Target Ovarian Cancer campaigners standing outside the House of Lords, Westminster

Email your elected representatives

Find out how to email your elected representatives to call on them to act on ovarian cancer.

Your elected representatives are there to hear about the issues you are passionate about and concerns you have. Emailing your elected representative is an effective way of getting their attention and calling on them to act.

Email your MP, MSs, MSPs or MLAs

Target Ovarian Cancer Champion

Ask your elected representative to become a Target Ovarian Cancer Champion!

It takes only 5 minutes using our email template to email your elected representative.

Ask them to become a Target Ovarian Cancer Champion and take urgent action on ovarian cancer awareness, diagnosis and treatment. 

Try to make your email as personal, powerful and compelling as you can by sharing a personal story if you feel comfortable doing so!

Woman holding up an invitation whilst standing outside the door of an office
Tell them about your experience and why it is important to support you. It is helpful to be armed with statistics that you know well and create an impact.
Campaigners and representatives at Westminster

What to do next?

Now you've emailed your elected representative, find out how to meet with your elected representative!

We have a step-by-step guide to guide you through preparing to meet your elected representative. The more we speak to them about the issues facing those diagnosed with ovarian cancer and the need for action, the greater the chance of change.