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Ovarian cancer, diet and nutrition

Find out what you should be eating when you have ovarian cancer, and what changes could help if you're struggling with eating.

When you have ovarian cancer you might find that your appetite (the amount you want to eat) and the types of food you want to eat are different from before. You might be wondering what to eat and drink and how to get all the nourishment you need, even when eating is hard. 

Find answers to common questions about ovarian cancer, diet and nutrition as well as tips for managing eating problems when having treatment. 

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Diet and nutrition videos

Watch our past support events on diet and nutrition, led by Janet Chu, Specialist Oncology Dietitian (an expert in diet and nutrition for people with cancer).
Printed diet and nutrition information sheet

Diet and nutrition information sheet

More information about what to eat and drink when you have ovarian cancer.

More support and resources

  • Watch our video about diet and nutrition with Janet Chu, Specialist Oncology Dietitian. Find out about the loss of taste, easing digestive discomfort and eating well with a stoma.  

  • Watch our second diet and nutrition video with Janet Chu, Specialist Oncology Dietitian. Find out how to manage common side effects, and hear guidance on healthy eating and nutritional recommendations.  

  • Read our expert Ovarian cancer, diet and nutrition information sheet [PDF]. This answers your questions about what to eat and drink when you have ovarian cancer.

  • Macmillan Cancer Support has lots of information about diet, cancer and healthy eating, including lots of helpful videos.  

  • There are lots of excellent cookbooks full of recipes to support you through your treatment, including The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook, which is also available in lots of high street bookshops.  

  • Maggie’s offers free practical support for people affected by cancer and many centres have a dietitian you can speak to for guidance. 

  • Cancer Research UK has more information about myths related to cancer and nutrition.  

  • Bristol Myers Squibb has a short video about eating well to get ready for cancer surgery.  

  • The World Cancer Research Fund is the leading authority on the links between diet and cancer. You can find recipe ideas and tips to manage side effects of treatment, as well as download their booklet Eat Well During Cancer

  • Penny Brohn UK has more information on healthy eating and recipes. 

  • You may also want to seek support from a specialist dietitian to help with your individual needs. The Association of UK Dietitians can help you find out more about this path and their website has hundreds of free recipe ideas.  

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