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Sign up for our livestream challenge, and go live to save lives.

Gather your squad or go solo, join our livestreaming challenge, and go live to save lives! 

Whether you’re a streaming pro or a complete newbie, it’s easy for you to get involved – we've got lots of tips and resources to get you started, plus a member of our fundraising team will be there to support you every step of the way!

Sign up to livestream

Become a Team Target Streamer in three easy steps 

1. Sign up and create your fundraising page

When you sign up, a fundraising page will be created for you automatically. Read our guide to livestreaming on JustGiving for instructions on how to sign up and personalise your fundraising page.

If you livestream on YouTube or Twitch, you can display the video directly on your JustGiving page so it’s easy for people to donate while they watch you. 

Sign up now through JustGiving

2. Plan your livestream 

Choose a date and decide what you want to do for your livestream.  

Grab your favourite game, choose to play solo or go for #squadgoals then choose your challenge. Will you go for a speed-run sprint or maybe you’re in for the long haul with a marathon?  

Gaming not your thing? There are so many different things you could do to get involved with livestreaming! Here are some of our ideas, but don’t be afraid to get creative...  

  • Stream yourself taking on a challenge like a headshave or a sponsored cycle (on a stationary bike!)  

  • Have a talent like singing, dancing or stand-up comedy? Livestream a virtual performance!  

  • Host a virtual quiz – we can help you come up with the questions  

  • Offer a virtual class and share a skill like yoga, guitar, Spanish, or baking... 

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you let everyone know you’re taking on this challenge for a great cause, so they can donate and support you! 

3. Go live!

The most popular platform for livestreaming is Twitch – visit Twitch’s Creator Camp for lots of helpful information about how to get started on Twitch. 

Alternatively, you could host your livestream on YouTube – check out this helpful guide to livestreaming on YouTube.  

Check out our timed challenges and see what works for you:

A graphic with the words 'Host a 7-hour stream. 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year in the UK' A graphic with the words 'Host a 9-hour stream: 9 in 10 women will survive ovarian cancer, if diagnosed at the earliest stage' A graphic with the words 'Host a 20-hour stream. Just 20% of women can name bloating as a key symptom of ovarian cancer'

What you can expect from us 

When you sign up, a member of our team will get in touch to support you – we can help you get your livestream set up, and give you lots of advice to help boost your fundraising.  

You’ll also receive an invite to join our Discord server where you can: 

  • Connect with others taking on our streaming challenge, 

  • Ask for advice, 

  • Share tips, 

  • Hear more about Target Ovarian Cancer, 

  • Learn the difference you’ll be making. 

Plus, we'll provide you with our livestreaming toolkit, which includes overlays, a virtual background, a waiting screen, and more!

What we expect from you 

You must be at least 18 years old in order to join this challenge.

We expect all our third-party fundraisers to be respectful and considerate when livestreaming. You must follow the guidelines of the livestreaming platform you’re using, and refrain from using any discriminatory or harmful language, or sharing any obscene or upsetting content. Read Twitch’s Community Guidelines here and their Terms of Service here.

Please note that Target Ovarian Cancer is not responsible for the actions or behaviour of any third-party fundraisers.  

The difference you'll make

How you could help those affected by ovarian cancer.

  • £72


    Improve early diagnosis

    £72 could help 10 GPs update their knowledge of ovarian cancer and best practice for early diagnosis.

  • £140


    Provide support

    £140 could help 10 people access the help and information they need from our nurse-led support line.

  • £250


    Fund research

    £250 could fund an entire day of lifesaving research.