Target Ovarian Cancer's Chief Executive, Annwen Jones OBE

New World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Chair announced

Annwen Jones OBE, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer, becomes Chair of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

After five years of working to empower the global ovarian cancer community, Annwen Jones OBE, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer, will take the reins as the new Chair of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition. 

As a co-founder of the coalition, Annwen has helped drive its groundbreaking work to improve survival and quality of life for people around the world affected by ovarian cancer.  

Since 2016, Annwen has worked with partners across the globe to build on the annual flagship awareness campaign, World Ovarian Cancer Day. Since then, the coalition has published the game-changing Every Woman Study and launched the Global Ovarian Cancer Charter, which sets out six goals to improve diagnosis and survival for women, no matter where they live. 

What does the future hold? 

Annwen will oversee the collation's continuing commitment to providing global leadership and insight for the ovarian cancer community.

She’ll follow in the pioneering footsteps of Elisabeth Baugh, formerly CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada, and will be supported by the diverse Board of Directors, which recently saw the appointment of Runcie CW Chidebe of Pink Blue in Nigeria and Rafe Sadnan Adel of in Bangladesh. Together, the Board will ensure that the experiences of communities around the world will inform what’s needed for global health equity. 

This includes the next chapter of the Every Woman Study. This will explore the experiences of women with ovarian cancer from underserved communities in up to 30 countries. 

World Ovarian Cancer Day will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022. As a co-founder of the day, Annwen will lead the coalition’s activities on 8 May. The awareness campaign reached 18 million people this year. In 2022, we expect to see even more of the global ovarian cancer community rally together to ensure no one affected by ovarian cancer is left behind. 

Working in partnership 

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition has always championed international collaboration. It’s essential to improve diagnosis, survival and quality of life for everyone, no matter their cancer type, location or finances. Working together as a global community is key to transforming the future of this disease and through Annwen’s leadership these partnerships will continue to grow. 

As a co-founder and Vice Chair for the past five years, I’m delighted to have been elected to step into this position to shape the future of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Working with organisations across the globe is vital to tackle the challenges facing those with ovarian cancer. Together we will share our expertise and our voices to drive change and transform the chances of survival and quality of life for everyone affected by ovarian cancer, no matter where they live.

Annwen Jones OBE, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer and Chair of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition

As Vice-Chair of the Coalition, Annwen has already made a significant contribution to our accomplishments these past five years. We are excited that we are able to build on this legacy as Annwen steps into the Chair role from December 2021. We have a dynamic, strong and globally diverse board of Directors – with Annwen in this leadership role we believe that we are well-positioned to strengthen our global partnerships and networks of advocacy organizations, clinicians, and policymakers to ensure that everyone who receives a diagnosis of ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and best quality of life possible – no matter where they may live.

Clara MacKay, Chief Executive Officer of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition

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