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Tackling inequalities in ovarian cancer care

From diagnosis and wait times, to accessing the best treatments available, we recognise that there is still a significant variation in experience across the UK. We want to change this.

Any variation in care due to age, race or location is unacceptable. We're committed to ensuring that everyone with ovarian cancer, no matter who they are and where they live, has access to efficient diagnostic pathways and effective treatment.  

Findings from our 2022 Achieving excellence in ovarian cancer care highlighted that: 

  • 34% of Black women were diagnosed via an emergency presentation, more than any other ethnic group, compared to 29% of White women 

  • 29% of White women are diagnosed following a two week wait referral compared to just 19% of Black women 

  • On average, women in the UK from an Asian background waited 74.5 days from being referred to starting treatment, Black women waited 73.5 days and White women 68 days

By understanding the challenges that individual’s face when needing to access the best possible diagnosis, treatment and support, we can identify how to improve certain behaviours and ways of working – focusing on what and where we believe will make the greatest difference. 

We’ve already identified three key areas of work to help us achieve this as part of our dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion

Breaking down the barriers to early diagnosis 

Often referred to as the postcode lottery, our 2021 report, Identifying and breaking down barriers to early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, revealed that:  

The proportion of women diagnosed at an early stage varies from 22 per cent to 63 per cent in different areas of England.

In order to change this, we've been working closely with healthcare professionals on a ground-breaking project testing three digital interventions to help spot the symptoms of ovarian cancer – getting everyone the tests they need, as quickly as possible. Target Ovarian Cancer sought partnerships in regions that have lower than average rates of early diagnosis, identifying three pilot sites.  

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Supporting everyone affected by ovarian cancer is a priority for Target Ovarian Cancer – amplifying their voices and eradicating variations in experience.  

If any of these issues resonate with you and you'd like to help us do more by sharing your experience, please get in touch today via our ‘Share your story’ form.

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