Topic: Mental wellbeing


Amy, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Amy's story

It’s been four years since Amy shared her story with us, and despite 2023 being challenging, she wanted to share how she has continued to hold onto hope.

A selfie of Lucy with red curled hair and a teal green top on
Lucy's story

28 year old Lucy was diagnosed with a stage 1 borderline tumour. She shares the emotional impact this has had, and the fertility sparing surgery she opted for.

A woman sitting at the table on her laptop
Five wellbeing tips for you

We’ve put together five tips from our previous wellbeing events, shared by trusted experts and specialists, to help you explore a range of practical advice, sessions and support.

An image of Sarah with her hand touching her face, laughing, with a pink background
Sarah's story

Sarah had read about the symptoms of breast cancer and ovarian cancer after finding out her mother had the BRCA1 gene. She still didn’t recognise the signs before her diagnosis in July 2021.

A selfie of Kate with long hair front on to camera
Kate's story

If I had understood the symptoms of ovarian cancer a bit better, I may have gone to my GP, and I wouldn’t have been diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in A&E.

Megan after treatment taking a selfie, smiling
Megan's story

Megan became ill while away travelling, and with an initial diagnosis of polycystic ovaries coupled with the pandemic, she didn’t receive a diagnosis until 2021. Here she talks about the emotional impact it has had on her.

Lesley standing by a lake out walking with her dog
Lesley's story

Lesley talks about how positivity, energy and exercise helped her with her first diagnosis and will help her manage her recurrence.

Allyson taking a selfie on a walk by the sea in a winter hat and coat smiling to the camera
Allyson’s Story

After her diagnosis, Allyson decided to spend more time focusing on the things that were important to her. Here she talks about her diagnosis, learning to find joy in the small things, and how walking helped her quiet the inner chatter