Our mission

We're transforming the lives of everyone affected by ovarian cancer. Learn about our goals and how we're working to raise awareness, fund research and save lives.

We are the UK's leading ovarian cancer charity. Together with the ovarian cancer community, we're transforming the future for everyone in the UK who is living with ovarian cancer and thousands more who are yet to be diagnosed. But there is so much more to do. We will not stop until we have achieved our goal of doubling survival from ovarian cancer by 2050.

We work to:

  • improve early diagnosis

  • fund life-saving research

  • provide much-needed support to those affected by ovarian cancer

We're the only charity fighting ovarian cancer on all three of these fronts, across all four nations of the UK. We work with everyone affected by ovarian cancer and health professionals to ensure we target the areas that matter most for them. 

Why is it so important to improve early diagnosis?

If diagnosed at the earliest stage, 9 in 10 women will survive. But currently two thirds of women are diagnosed late, when the cancer is harder to treat.

Everyone must feel empowered to go to the GP as soon as they notice something is wrong, so it's vital that they know the symptoms to look out for. As well as campaigning for a national awareness campaign, we work to get our awareness materials out into local communities, schools, GP practices and pharmacies.

It's also essential that GPs are trained to spot ovarian cancer symptoms at the earliest opportunity, and are able to either diagnose or rule it out quickly. We have presented at GP training days, give out GP toolkits, and offer an online training module for GPs to update their knowledge on early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

What research do we fund?

Our gold-standard medical research programme regularly funds ovarian cancer-specific research across the whole of the UK. We fund innovative research that will benefit the largest proportion of those with ovarian cancer in the shortest timeframe.

We look for projects that will optimise and develop more effective and less toxic treatments for ovarian cancer, with a special focus on treatments that will improve overall survival.

What support do we provide for those with ovarian cancer?

We pride ourselves on making sure everyone gets the right support at the right time, in the way that’s right for them:

  • Award-winning guides are available for every stage of diagnosis, plus we have in-depth information on topics such as diet and nutrition, stomas and sex and relationships. 

  • Our support line is here for anyone affected by ovarian cancer, providing confidential information and support. 

  • We organise support events both online and offline to offer those with ovarian cancer the chance to meet each other, access expert advice and take part in wellbeing workshops.

  • Our In Touch Facebook group helps those with ovarian cancer connect with each other online in a safe environment, and the Ovarian Cancer Community connects everyone affected by ovarian cancer – including family and friends.

We want to ensure everyone diagnosed with ovarian cancer feels supported throughout their diagnosis, treatment and beyond.