Mike Fialco, his wife Pam and their family

Going underground to save lives

Mike is taking on an unusual challenge in memory of his wife Pam. He tells us about his motivation to fund research to make the future better for women with ovarian cancer...

I lost my wonderful wife, Pam, to ovarian cancer. During the course of her illness, I learned how absolutely critical it is to fund research projects for this disease so more and better treatments are available to women with ovarian cancer in the future.

Pushing forward

Pam survived for over six years after her diagnosis, and thankfully, by dint of the skill of her medical team and her own determination, she remained well most of the time. She was able to work and lead a full and normal life, but without continual medical advances, this would have been unlikely.

I want to keep pushing medical advances forward, so that even more women can access newer treatments in future. There is a lot of work going on in immunotherapy, and I know how big the potential is for future treatments in that field. So, in memory of Pam, I’m raising money for an immunotherapy research project led by Dr Martin Miller at the University of Cambridge, which is funded by Target Ovarian Cancer.

The Tube Challenge

For my fundraising challenge, I will be taking on the Tube Challenge. I’ll travel through all 270 stations of the London Underground in one day on the 21st December. The record time for completing the challenge is around 16 hours, but my focus is much more on raising money than breaking any records. So, while I won’t be breaking any time records, I have set an ambitious fundraising target – I want to raise £20,000 for Target Ovarian Cancer. I’m going to need all the help I can get, and I hope people are willing to donate and support me! 

Help to fund life-saving research

Pam and I were married for nearly 41 years. Despite Pam’s illness, I am able to look back on the last few years of her life as a period of much joy and happiness. We have three children, Jeremy, Laura and Anna, and she was around for some beautiful family weddings, and for the birth of two grandchildren.

Mike Fialco and his wife Pam

I’m so glad to have received so much support from the fundraising team at Target Ovarian Cancer. They have been on hand to answer all my questions, and also helped me create a press release to make the event even more successful. If you’d like to join me on the Tube Challenge, please get in touch with the Target Ovarian Cancer fundraising team