Topic: Fundraising


Georgia jumping over a ditch taking on the spartan challenge in her target ovarian cancer tshirt
Georgia’s annual fundraising challenge

Nedra, Georgia’s mum, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in December 2017 and sadly passed away two years later. Since 2018, Georgia has taken on a challenge every year to raise both awareness and funds for Target Ovarian Cancer.

Jennifer with short brown spiked hair wearing black glasses and a dark tshirt
Jennifer's story

Jennifer was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2022. Despite extensive surgery, just months after she ran Race for Life and most recently took part in Target 50. She wants to give other women hope by sharing her story.

Pauline, a woman who shared her story with Target Ovarian Cancer
Pauline's story

In 2014, Pauline was told she would have just three years to live. This year, she is marking 10 years on from that consultation.

Shaniqua running in a London park taking on Run for Mum wearing her Target Ovarian Cancer running vest
Shaniqua’s motivation for fundraising 

Since her mum passed away from stage 3 ovarian cancer when she was 15, Shaniqua has spent the last decade raising awareness and much needed funds for Target Ovarian Cancer. She explains her favourite fundraisers to date and how she stays motivated.

An image of four friends smiling with their dog inside a Target Ovarian Cancer branded frame
Ihab's Run 11 story

Ever since my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I've been in contact with Target Ovarian Cancer. I found out about Run11 online and quickly created my own squad and fundraiser to support the charity and raise money for much needed research. 

Liz Mitchell wearing a blue floral top smiling
Liz's story

A little over two years on from her diagnosis, Liz took part in the Ovarian Cancer Walk|Run in London with her daughter, Sarah, and raised over £1,000.

Alison and Colin’s story

Alison passed away just six weeks after her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, I now know that awareness of the symptoms and GP education is the key to early diagnosis and surviving this disease.

Claire smiling with a deckchair behind her
Claire’s Story

Diagnosed at the age of 32, Claire shares her experience as a younger woman with ovarian cancer.