A large group of Target Ovarian Cancer fundraisers smiling towards the camera - Raise 11

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: 11 ways to fundraise!

Join us this March for #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth – do something fun and unforgettable whilst raising money for a powerful community that supports everyone in the UK facing ovarian cancer.

Fundraising can be simple, easy, and can really make a significant difference. No matter how much time you have or how much effort you want to put in, every single penny counts!

How to get involved

This Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month we are asking everyone to do their bit by moving, raising, and shouting about ovarian cancer. We’ve put together 11 fantastically fun and simple ways you can get involved this year. 

Simple fundraising ideas 

  1. Bake sale – Ready, steady… bake! Who doesn’t love getting involved in a bake sale and more importantly eating cake? Get together with your friends, family, neighbours and even your postman to help you bake tasty treats. It’s a perfect way to boost morale and raise money. 

  2. Craft fair – A crafty option alongside your bake sale. Why not showcase your creative skills or encourage someone else to? People really do love and appreciate handmade gifts. 

  3. Run 11 – Get active this #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth and join us at Hyde Park on 26 March for Run 11,  to run 11k or 5.5k. If you’d prefer to do the run somewhere more local to you, there’s also an option to enter our virtual run. 

  4. Step 11 – Challenge yourself to walk 11,000 steps each day in March by taking part in Step 11. There is no fee to enter, all you need is a smartphone or fitness tracker for logging your daily steps and a bunch of willpower and determination. 

  5. Charity car wash – As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, what better way to raise some money than setting up a car wash? Get volunteers together and charge a small fee. Don’t forget to shout and make noise about it on your local Facebook community groups to make people aware!

  6. Fundraising raffle – Raffles are perfect for drawing in donations, especially when the top prizes to be won are displayed and look incredibly tempting. Get donating yourself, encourage friends and family or even contact local businesses and ask if they would be willing to contribute to your raffle.

  7. Fundraising auction – Fundraising auctions are an excellent alternative to raffles. You may not quite be able to offer a date night with George Clooney, but you can offer to cook dinner, mow the winner's lawn and other simple mundane tasks that people would love some help with. You may be surprised how many people take part! 

  8. Dog walking – Are you a dog lover? Why not offer to walk the dogs in your area in exchange for a small donation.

  9. Second chance book stall – People love to read, so why not get your friends, family, and neighbours to donate their unwanted books? These can then be sold for a small donation.  

  10. Dry March – Did you do dry January this year? Let’s change things up a little and make March your dry month instead. You’re also more likely to get donations as there won’t be as many people taking part as there usually are for Dry January. 

  11. Sweets in a jar or guess the teddy bear’s name – Both fundraising classics and very easy to set up. Get people to guess the total number of sweets in a jar or write down their guesses of the teddy bear’s name. The winner is the closest to the correct answer. 

No matter how you choose to fundraise, the most important thing is to have loads of fun while supporting a great cause. Together we can make a huge difference in the fight against ovarian cancer during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

Help spread the word about Target Ovarian Cancer and your fundraising efforts using the hashtag: #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth

Fundraise at any time of year 

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is a great time to show your support for ovarian cancer and raise awareness, but don’t forget that you can help at all times of the year. Whether you volunteer, donate, or simply share information about ovarian cancer, your help will be greatly appreciated and make an incredible difference. Together we can stop ovarian cancer devastating lives – get involved today!

Written by Hannah Walters