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A biplane flying in the sky
Taking to the skies for Karen

Elaine lost her daughter Karen in 2005 after her ovarian cancer diagnosis. When she received a wingwalking experience as a gift, she decided to take the opportunity to fundraise for Target Ovarian Cancer. She tells us more about Karen in her story…

Four women and a man enjoying a birthday party fundraiser
Celebrating sixty

Hilary was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013, and has since worked hard to improve the lives of women with ovarian cancer. This year, she decided to do something a bit different...

A 'Jig and Jive' Night in memory of Granny

When Chloe lost her Granny to ovarian cancer, she felt she had to do something to help other women. She tells us how she came up with her unique idea for a fundraising event, and the amazing support that she has received from her local community...