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There are two main ways to get involved with our research – by joining our research champion network, or by joining a clinical trial.

Join a clinical trial

You may wish to understand if a clinical trial could benefit your treatment. Find out more about clinical trials and find out what clinical trials are running near you in our clinical trials information centre.

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Research champions

We want people affected by ovarian cancer at the heart of our research. Our research champions make sure the real-life experiences of those affected by ovarian cancer lead discussions around the research we fund. Anyone affected by ovarian cancer can join our network, including those with a diagnosis and family and friends.

As a research champion, you can influence our research by:

  • sharing your experience of ovarian cancer

  • meeting our researchers

  • reviewing and giving your opinion on research grant applications

  • helping design research studies

  • reviewing our research strategy

  • sharing breakthroughs and successes

  • engaging in the work of other organisations, such as the National Cancer Research Institute and the National Institute for Health Research

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