Topic: Living with ovarian cancer


Jennifer with short brown spiked hair wearing black glasses and a dark tshirt
Jennifer's story

Jennifer was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2022. Despite extensive surgery, just months after she ran Race for Life and most recently took part in Target 50. She wants to give other women hope by sharing her story.

A photo of Treena wearing a blue top smiling
Treena's story

Treena, 52, was diagnosed with stage 4b high grade serous ovarian cancer in 2022. She talks about how connecting with women through Target Ovarian Cancer has been a lifeline.

Amanda smiling wearing a blue fascinator in her hair
Amanda's story

Amanda was diagnosed with stage 1a ovarian cancer in 2020 after visiting the GP about a different matter. Three years on, Amanda has been determined to raise awareness and make sure women have the knowledge to spot the signs.

Hilary and Joe
Hilary's story

Hilary shares how making the decision to pause treatment led her to making a lifetime worth of memories.

A profile shot of Tracy standing outside in the garden
Tracy's story

Tracy shares her experience of ovarian cancer to help someone else who may be feeling the same as her.

Allyson taking a selfie on a walk by the sea in a winter hat and coat smiling to the camera
Allyson’s Story

After her diagnosis, Allyson decided to spend more time focusing on the things that were important to her. Here she talks about her diagnosis, learning to find joy in the small things, and how walking helped her quiet the inner chatter

Helen wearing glasses and holding a glass of wine
Helen’s story

Helen shares her difficult diagnosis, her recurrence and how it can help to speak to others who understand what you're going through.

Sarah outside wearing sunglasses with her daughter
Sarah’s story

Sarah talks about what it's like to live with incurable ovarian cancer, genetic testing and her support group at work.