Educational resources for GPs

Update your knowledge – take our training modules and courses, download fact sheets and watch or listen to our recorded expert discussions.

It's vital that GPs are knowledgeable of ovarian cancer and know how to advise patients who have concerns. 

Training modules and courses

Module: Bloating and other abdominal symptoms: could it be ovarian cancer? 

This 30-minute module, featuring case studies, takes a closer look at symptoms and what distinguishes ovarian cancer from common conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infection and ovarian cysts.  

It was developed in partnership with RCGP eLearning.  

Module: Recognising early symptoms of ovarian cancer: interactive case history

This award-winning module provides an hour of accredited learning based on interactive case studies and covers the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and diagnostic tests. 

It was developed in partnership with BMJ Learning. As with all BMJ Learning modules, the content has been peer-reviewed and incorporates the latest research available. 

Video course: Ovarian Cancer – Early Diagnosis 

The ovarian cancer early diagnosis course uses a series of video consultations to present Karen’s experience of ovarian cancer diagnosis. At each stage you'll have the opportunity to reflect on Karen’s symptoms, treatment and investigations, and consider how you would manage Karen’s care if you were her GP. 

This course was developed in partnership with GatewayC, an online cancer education platform for primary care.

Fact sheets

Download our fact sheets covering symptoms, diagnosis, family history and advice for GP nurses. These tools can be printed and shared in your practice.

Practice materials

Symptom flag pens (NICE and SIGN) 

Email [email protected] to order free flag pens for your surgery as a helpful reminder of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and the referral guidelines published by NICE and SIGN. 

Primary care 10 top tips  

Primary care 10 Top Tips [PDF] 

Your quick guide to ovarian cancer symptoms, risk factors and diagnostic tests. Developed in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support.

Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer: a guide for primary care [PDF]

This fact sheet gives advice on when to use CA125 serum test and ultrasound, the limitations of CA125, and safety-netting for symptomatic patients with negative test results. 

Family history 

Familial ovarian cancer: a guide for primary care [PDF]

This fact sheet provides information on cancer susceptibility genes, key questions for establishing a family history and guidance for referring to genetics services. 

Guide to ovarian cancer for the primary care team 

Primary care team leaflet [PDF]

This guide has been created for the primary care team. Involving the whole primary care team in awareness of ovarian cancer, symptoms, diagnosis and the referral process can significantly impact early diagnosis and lead to much better outcomes for patients.

Ovarian cancer facts

Our fact sheet presents the facts around ovarian cancer to support you in diagnosing faster and earlier, including a video from Dr Victoria Barber - ‘Ovarian cancer myths busted’.

Red Flags postcard

What are the red flags for ovarian cancer? Why you should beware of new IBS diagnosis and overactive bladder/recurrent UTIs in the over 50s.

Download and share our postcard, or download and print the A4 poster.

You can order print copies by emailing [email protected]

Expert discussions

Watch or listen to leading experts discuss the challenges of diagnosing ovarian cancer in primary care.

Recorded presentation: Expediting ovarian cancer diagnosis: a primary and secondary care perspective – MIMS Learning Live, November 2021 

Watch Expediting ovarian cancer diagnosis: a primary and secondary care perspective 

Using case studies from their own practice, Dr Victoria Barber and Dr Beena Abdul will discuss opportunities to improve ovarian cancer diagnosis in primary care. Their discussion will cover symptoms presentation and common misdiagnosis, pitfalls of CA125 and ultrasound and managing difficult cases in primary care.

Podcast: Ovarian cancer from the primary care perspective  – PCWHF, March 2021

Listen to ovarian cancer diagnosis from the primary care perspective

In this podcast developed in partnership with the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF), Dr Sharon Tate and Dr Victoria Barber discuss ovarian cancer diagnosis from the primary care perspective. 

Podcast: Improving outcomes for women in primary care – PCWHF, March 2021

Listen to improving outcomes for women in primary care

In this podcast, Dr Anne Connolly interviews Sara Pardoe, who has a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and discusses how primary care GPs can work together to improve the outcomes of women with this type of cancer.